A Culture of Learning

A learning culture is an environment where individuals are inspired and equipped to solve problems.

Innovation and problem solving are driven by what people learn as they explore and experiment at work. Today, technology and the free flow of data have created volumes of clutter and transformed how we operate. Success in today’s world requires a learning culture that helps people cut through the clutter, explore ideas with others, and solve problems that matter.



How do you build a culture of learning?

First, a successful learning culture has to recognize the need for people to learn on the curve of change facing the organization. Next, learning should be grounded in organizational goals. Employees are increasingly disengaged because employers don’t support learning that integrates their work with organizational challenges. A good learning culture engages employees in teams to solve problems that matter. Last is what we call innovation leadership. Leaders need to learn on the curve of change too. When leaders understand idea flow, agility, and problem-solving, organizations flourish. Lyra helps people, from the new hire to the CEO, engage and learn about themselves and their roles by facilitating interactive business scenarios and harnessing the power of data to measure human behavior.


The new role of teams.

Organizations that lead in innovation have agile people who engage in teams, explore new ideas, and find the patterns of work that shape results—whether in the best sales approaches, optimal product designs, or most efficient management processes. Since the Bell Labs Study, organizational science has recognized teams’ importance in innovating and problem-solving. But how teams engage and contribute today has evolved rapidly. Fullbridge helps teams find the signal in the noise by focusing on idea flow. Too little idea flow and employees get stuck, disengaging and substantially reducing their output and performance. Too much idea flow and employees get overwhelmed, frustrated, and disengaged. The right amount of idea flow allows employees to cut through the clutter and find the best solutions for their organizations. Lyra empowers employees to quickly increase the knowledge and skills they need most to solve the problems at hand. Lyra keeps employees, teams, and organizations ahead of the curve of change.


Companies that can't successfully transition from training to learning will fail.

Today, every company is faced with constant change—disruption in the system is the new norm. To stay ahead of the curve of change, companies must create a learning culture where team members can consistently tap into new knowledge to meet daily challenges and solve emerging problems.