Satya Nitta

R&D leader and technologist from IBM Research with deep experience in inventing and developing groundbreaking products and technologies, defining new areas and building world class teams in both the hardware and software areas of computing with hundreds of millions of dollars of impact to IBM. Technical and leadership expertise in fields ranging from AI (machine learning & NLP), conversational systems and chatbots, virtual reality and augmented reality, to physics and fabrication of nano and microelectronic devices, nanomaterials, and cognitive neuroscience. Significant experience in leadership, people management, business development, technology genesis, technology development, strategy, and building new teams for exciting and complex missions. Experience in building and managing large, global and diverse technical teams. Significant experience in client facing (C-suite) business development activities for IBM. Over 100 US patents (> 150 worldwide)), >30 publications, > 30 invited talks, > 1700 citations of published/patented work and significant external recognition. IEEE Ace Innovator of the Year and Technology of the Year winner. Top 50 Makers & Shakers of Education Technology Global award.

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