Lyra provides mobile learning that inspires, informs and prompts critical thinking through social problem solving.


68% of employees are disengaged.

Jump-start collaboration and engagement with Lyra.


Learning Feeds

Richly designed bite-sized elements of learning that deliver a key concept and prompt its application in the Studio.

The Studio

A virtual tool that centers the experience around a creative discussion and equips participants to nominate, curate and select ideas. 

Data Reports

Data drives feedback and reflection on results and the character of how the peer network participated and performed. 



Solving problems in the new world.

In the past, solving a problem meant finding the next piece of information, but now, thanks to technology, we have all of the information at our finger tips. Today, solving a problem means finding the signal in the noise, carving away information that is distracting and thinking collaboratively to focus on the right problems. We built Lyra to build the capacities and perspectives for modern-day problem solving—helping people to think together in teams and networks.

Fullbridge built Lyra because modern technologies don’t help people easily ideate together with focus. Email is disjointed and ideas get lost. Messaging and chat apps pile on information making it harder to find the signal in the noise. Lyra helps teams and networks to focus virtual dialogue on problems, engage in diagnosis, and drive towards focused solutions.

We learn best through relevance.

Learning can be inspiring when people see and understand its relevance and application. Lyra brings learning into the flow of your life with content that is relevant and useful. We learn best when we focus on one concept at a time. Learning activities benefit when we apply the lessons to solving the problems that matter to us. Lyra combines richly designed learning feeds with prompts that drive a social network of participants to solve problems together. Problem solving with Lyra is supported by Learning Feeds that bring the best methods of critical and creative thinking into your team or network's active process. And Lyra is constantly providing data that empowers you and your peers with timely insights.  

How to use Lyra Learning

Lyra Learning is designed to be universal—relevant to everyone from young students to mature executives and has a wide range of applications including:

  • Corporate on-boarding

  • University student welcome

  • Brain warmup for organizational retreats

  • Social inquiry and research

  • Foundations looking to stimulate social thinking

  • Societies aspiring to create change

  • Helping communities to arrive at shared decisions when faced with complex challenges

  • Learning for all phases of life



Two ways to get started with Lyra.



Lyra Method Series (LMS)

Lyra Method Series (LMS) features some of the world’s leading thought leaders on teamwork and problem solving. Learning Feeds inspire, inform, and prompt participants to think in new ways in solving a problem that matters to them. By learning together, organizations and networks tap into the power of the social group and the rigor of both creating and assessing ideas— harnessing the power of peer review and generating important judgment skills and behaviors. Lyra is the future of learning, bringing method around problem solving to the flow of our work and life.


Lyra Question Series (LQS)

The Lyra Question Series (LQS) was designed by Fullbridge as a better way of tapping into the range of ways people think about problems. The LQS provides a structured way to stimulate, diagnose, and learn about critical and creative thinking in social networks. The LQS is based upon a question rubric that stimulates participants to generate and assess ideas together. The questions make different demands on participant thinking, and the process explores how people create ideas over time in response to different forms of problems.



Data that give you insights into how your team thinks.


Lyra Data and Intelligence

Fullbridge is  committed to data privacy. With your privacy assured, Fullbridge utilizes the ever-growing data from Lyra to help inform participants how their responses compare to key metrics so they can continue to grow and improve. Plus, Lyra drives greater insights into how your team thinks, engages and functions a group so you can provide the critical support that will help drive alignment and innovation.


When you give learners a picture of how they are performing, they not only gain skills, they gain awareness and start to think of strategies of how to be impactful in a company.
— Roger Berry, CEO of Fullbridge


Lyra is built with thinking from the very best.

Fullbridge is building Lyra with the support of some of the world’s leading thought leaders about social networks, learning, and technology. Alex “Sandy” Pentland, one of the co-founders of the MIT Media Lab, is the author of Social Physicsand the concept of Idea Flow—a concept that can help people and organizations drive greater innovation. Satya Nitta was one of the chief architects of IBM Watson and responsible for its applications in learning. Peter Gloor is the head of the MIT Center on Collective Intelligence. Daniel Serfaty, the Founder and CEO of Aptima, an organization that has conducted over $300 million of R&D on generating learning and data for how people, teams and networks perform on behalf of NASA, the US military and various agencies of health. Gavin Dykes is a Director of the Education World Forum, a network that convenes Ministers of Education and other policy leaders from around the world to share ideas and assist each other in the development of education policy. Learn more about our team here.


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