Privacy Policy

Last updated November 30, 2017.

In Short

  • We may collect personally identifiable information about You during your interaction with Fullbridge.
  • Once you have chosen to interact with Fullbridge and Fullbridge offerings, through e-mail, via a text message, or by participating in a related event, we cannot guarantee your anonymity.
  • Your interaction with Fullbridge means consenting to receive messages. Fullbridge, Instance Owners, Administrators, and Operators will communicate updates, invitations, and newsletters, through various channels. You can always opt out.
  • Visiting the Fullbridge website or interacting with Fullbridge offerings means consenting to be tracked. We will share information with Instance Owners or (to a limited extent) with other Users. We will also aggregate your data in various ways and may use your data for marketing purposes.
  • Fullbridge will never sell your data for commercial purposes. Instance Owners are committed to use your data for the purpose it was given, but we cannot control their actions.
  • We might use marketing technologies to approach you directly or on other media (like Facebook, Google, and Twitter) with offers to participate in or launch a project.


What Data Is Collected

Your record has four types of information:

  • Personal information you provide about yourself, such as your name, photo, phone numbers, job title, or e-mail address.
  • Personal information provided by Instance Owners or other users about you, such as your name, address, department, or contact info.
  • Your actions on the website, such as comments, actions performed, pages viewed, task executed, etc.
  • System-generated information related to you, such as your impact, tasks performance, level of engagement, or the way you use the website.


How Data Is Collected

There are four ways in which we collect information:

  • Information provided by Users about themselves or about other users, including personal information, ideas, summaries, rating, or reports.
  • Log files that include data about page visits, actions committed, objects viewed, IP address, clicks, browser type, and other data on your web request.
  • Cookies and pixel tags that monitor user behavior, including referring pages and visit duration, either directly or through third parties (like Facebook or Google Analytics).
  • Events (in-person and online), programs, social media, or other marketing-related engagements.


How Data Is Used

Your information can be used by Instance Owners for the following purposes:

  • Messaging you about actions or events that happen on the Instance, like new projects, ideas, tags, comments, ratings, and reports.
  • Facilitating inclusive decision-making by enabling an open and collaborative platform for users to think together and curate ideas together.
  • Keeping you updated by messaging you on the long-term results of various projects or inviting you to take part in new projects.
  • Communicating various messages to any media outlet or any group of stakeholders via newsletters, campaigns, calls, social networks, etc.

Your information can be used by Fullbridge for the following purposes:

  • To operate, improve, and enrich our Platform, algorithms, and content, including the design of new features and the reformulation of existing ones.
  • To create aggregative information that can be shared with other users, such as top users (by impact, usage, or support), top ideas, or any other measurement.
  • To enhance your user experience by, for instance, identifying you without a password, as well as shortening the registration and login process.
  • To resolve a support request from you or from others, or handling cases where we believe that our terms and policies or any law or regulation have been violated.
  • To comply with a valid legal subpoena or request by law enforcement agencies, or protecting our own rights, as defined under “Who Can Access Your Data”.
  • To communicate various messages to any media outlet or any group of stakeholders via newsletters, campaigns, calls, social networks, etc.


Who Can Access Your Data

We will never disclose your information to third-parties for marketing or promotional purposes, or for any other purpose other than defined in our terms and policies. We will also never share your information with other Instance Owners other than the one you subscribed to without your expressed permission. While we require Instance Owners to do the same, we cannot be held responsible for their actions.

Your data is accessible in the following cases:

  • Owners and Administrators have full ownership of your record and can access all the information that exists on the website they manage.
  • Trusted providers we contract with to host our servers, send messages, process payments, improve performance, etc. might access your data.
  • We, as Platform Operators, can also access your data.


Who Owns Your Data

Instance Owners (who reached out to you through our Platform) own your data. They can use your data for any purpose, as long as they comply with applicable laws and regulations. While Fullbridge, as a licensor, requires Instance Owners to commit themselves to use the data in accordance with our terms and policies, we cannot make any guarantee or take any responsibility on their actions. They are responsible for their actions.


Data Security

The database of the site is protected by technology and standard operating procedures recognized in the field of information security. Nonetheless, it is impossible to completely prevent unauthorized access to the database. While we will take reasonable precautions to secure your data, you should not expect your data to be secured and protected. For instance, we cannot be held responsible for any criminal actions or illegal hacking of any kind.


Who Might Get Your Data

We do not disclose information about users, except in the following cases:

  • Legal Proceedings: We reserve the right to disclose your information if required to do so by law or a legal subpoena, or if you violate laws and regulations on the site, including defamation and impersonation.
  • Protect Others: We reserve the right to disclose your information if we believe in good faith that not doing so might put at risk the safety of the public, of a person or of a property. In such cases, we might initiate the disclosure of information.
  • Protect Us: We reserve the right to disclose your information if there are legal proceedings against Fullbridge, its partners, licensors, employees, representatives, or affiliates, or in a situation where we believe disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and property.
  • Other Reasons: We will disclose your information if we believe you breach our terms and policies, if there is a justified complaint against you, or if you gave permission to share it.


Where Is Your Data

Your data is hosted on a third party  servers, and governed by the vendor Terms of Service. You should know that your data is hosted on the certified server in the cloud, but we cannot control its physical location. If you are located outside the U.S., you are giving your consent to transfer information, including personal information, to a country that does not have the same data protection laws. In addition, Fullbridge or one of our service providers (for sending emails or texts, for instance), may transfer, store, and process your content in other locations.

What You Should Know

Visiting means consent to being tracked.

Our Platforms and the Fullbridge website use a combination of Google Analytics, HubSpot, Salesforce, InterCom, Zendesk, Inspectlet, and other tools to determine usage patterns and better serve Users.

Registering means consent to receive messages.

Once you register or provide your e-mail address to Fullbridge, you agree to receive messages from Instance Owners and Administrators through emails, push notifications, texts, letters, social networks, phone calls, and other channels. You also give you consent to receive updates, invitations, and newsletters from Fullbridge.

You can always opt out.

You can revoke your permission by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the message, contacting Fullbridge at 38 Chauncy Street, Suite 1100, Boston, MA 02111 or by emailing [email protected] When You unsubscribe, it will only apply to messages that were not yet sent and to the specific Platform You unsubscribed from. There might be other Fullbridge Platforms or other channels your Instance Owner uses, which you should unsubscribe from separately. Your unsubscribe request will be honored within ten days of your request.

You can request deletion.

If you ask to delete yourself, we can make your entry “non-active” to prevent others from accessing your information. While we cannot delete your history on the Instance, we can delete your personal information. Your access to the Instance will be immediately suspended. Your information may also be deleted from Fullbridge systems, but should you re-engage with Fullbridge or Fullbridge offerings, your consent applies as outlined above.

Sharing has inherent risks.

Once you take an action on the Instance, as a User, Owner, or Administrator, there is no way back. You cannot control the contents, which might be edited, shared, deleted, or changed. All security measures are penetrable. Please think twice before sharing sensitive data.


According to our terms of use, children cannot register to use this Platform without the consent of a parent or legal guardian to prevent us from unknowingly collecting their personal information. If you think there has been an incident in which a child registered to our website or we collected information about a child, please email [email protected]

When you invite a friend…

We encourage you to invite a friend to interact with Fullbridge. You will be asked to enter that person’s contact information or transfer social network identities. The information you provide will be stored, and your friend will receive messages unless they ask to unsubscribe.

If we change owners…

If our company is sold or merged, your information might be transferred to the new owner, so that our websites can continue to operate. This privacy policy will still be in place, unless we update you saying otherwise.


Should you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, you may email [email protected] or send a letter to 38 Chauncy Street, Suite 1100, Boston, MA 02111.