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+ My video is not working.

For the videos to work, please make sure you have updated the internet browser, note that google Chrome is recommanded on your device (mobile phone or computer) to the latest version. If after doing so, you are still having trouble with the videos, under each one, there is a pdf transcript. Please click on it, download it and read for the important information you need to know from the videos.

To access Slack click the invite link provided to you in the "Getting Started" learn list.

Thank you for your email, We are sending the link via email a day before each class. Please check your junk mail as the emails that we send can be treated as spam.

+ I missed the Zoom class.

Please note that we send the recording via email after each class for you to be able to catch up. Don't forget to look at your junk box as the email can be treated as a spam.

+ I received an email from Olark without any question asked.

Please let us know what your question is by filling out the form below.

What kind of program is it? How and where do I register?

Please note that it is a multi-week online program in English. You will be receiving an email with all the details and information to access the platform. The date and time of the online classes will also be shared in that email. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the form below.

I haven't received the invitation to join the platform.

If you haven’t logged into the platform yet, you need to do so. You should have received an invitation from LearnAmp titled Misk Fullbridge U: Join our learning space to ask you to join the platform. If you can't find it in your mailbox please check your junk mail as it can go there as well. If you still can’t find it, please fill out the form below and someone will resend it to you.

I accepted the LearnAmp invitation what do I do next ?

Once you are logged in, what you need to do is go through the "Getting Started" learnlist and carefully read all the instructions, don't forget to click the Green dot on the top right corner before you change the page in order to mark it "Completed", otherwise your learnlist won't be considered as completed in our system.

After you are finished with that part you can start the program by clicking to the second square called "1. Effective Communication" until the last learnlist. Read all content carefully. Note that each learnlist will automatically unlock when you will have finish the current one.

I cannot move to the next page, the rest of the pages are not loading and the green check mark is not showing.

Please click the yellow button and then click the green button next. If it does not solve your problem, please contact us.

I cannot move to the next page, the rest of the pages are not loading and the green check mark is not showing.

Please click the yellow button and then click the green button next. If it does not solve your problem, please contact us.

How do I resubmit an answer?

You can re-submit your exercise as a comment by clicking “Assess” at the top of the screen and then clicking “Exercises”. This will show all your exercises. For the relevant exercise, you can insert the new submission as a comment.

I cannot participate in the zoom class due to timing issues or other reason.

While attendance is not graded or a requirement for graduation, not attending could affect your outcomes. That is because it will give those attending the classes an edge over those who don't attend. We hope you can make it and take advantage of these classes Misk is providing you. If it is not possible for you, you can always view the recordings that we will send via email after each class. Please complete your 3 learnlists before the end of the program to receive your certificate.

When do I get my certificate?

The certificates will be issued after the program ends.

I’m not able to upload an attachment.

Please note that this can happen depending on the speed of your internet. Please keep trying and if you cannot upload your attachment, please let us know and we will assist you.

How do I make sure I completed? What happens next?

In order to check if you have fully complete all the learn lists make sure that it shows "Completed" in green color under each box of the learn lists.

I've gone through an entire course/Learn List but the system only shows that I've completed 40%?

Please attach corresponding files with your work when needed.

Do I have to post a video of myself on Slack?

Yes, you must post a response. If you have personal reasons for not wanting to post a video, you can either post an audio recording or attach a written personal pitch instead.

Help! I need more time.

The purpose of this program is for the maximum number of people to complete it and benefit.  With that in mind, you can have more time as long as you are committed to completing the course.

I do not have work experience. What do I write in that section of my resume?

Do you have any volunteer experience or anything you've work on during college that could qualify as something you've worked on or were responsible for - even if it wasn't paid? Think of activities that you may have been involved in including clubs, or groups that gave you experience.

I answered correctly yet the platform says it's incorrect.

While your selection may be correct, the question might be asking you to:  "Please select all that apply".  You needed to click on all the ones that apply in addition to the one you selected.

Can I receive original certificate send to my address?

As this is an online program, worldwide, its certificates are only online certificates. You can download and print it and/or post it to your LinkedIn profile using the feature provided for that. We highly encourage you to take advantage of that feature to announce your accomplishment to your contacts.

Do I have to turn on the camera during class?

You do not have to turn your video on for class unless the instructor asks you to. 


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