Fullbridge. Bridging Your Future.™



Fullbridge is a world-leading technology company that helps individuals bridge the knowledge and skills gap. For over 12 years, Fullbridge has pushed the boundaries of online, blended and in-person transformational learning experiences, and has invested over $40 million dollars into building and distributing proprietary content reaching over 350,000 learners world-wide.

Today, over 90% of higher-education organizations feel they are successfully preparing learners for the work force — only 10% of CEOS agree. New graduates lack the critical skills companies demand for successful engagement and productivity. Fullbridge is uniquely positioned to fill this gap with short, powerful and affordable learning experiences that empower individuals at every level to be more successful faster.

Fullbridge is backed by the investment powerhouse Quadrant Management in New York City and has team members in New York, Boston, Toronto and Riyadh. Fullbridge has become the first choice and trusted partner of organizations around the world seeking to empower the youth and up-skill existing workforces to be ready to conquer the future.